Get 3D scanned by Moises Sanabria and Alyssa Davis of Art404.

Art Student Council Kissing Booth

Come kiss your favorite Art Student Council members and learn more about student government.

Astrological Readings

Alice Sparkly Kat A'13 is an astrologist who believes the hermetic and autonomous language of astrology is a valuable tool for examining and improving the artistic process.

Black Students Union

Alfred Dudley

C.U. Alumni Association

Meet members of the official Cooper Union Alumni Association and learn how you can joing them in “preserving, protecting and promoting” the institution.

C.U. History Project

The Cooper Union History Project is a joint effort with the goals of preserving and sharing Cooper’s history, through collecting oral histories among other projects.

Chinese Yo-Yo Club

Demos and lessons from members of Cooper's Chinese Yo-Yo Club.

Coffee Club

Have a coffee, prepared by Alexa West and Cooper's own Coffee Club.

Community Art Table

Bring your family to draw, paint, and chalk on paper and pavement. Managed by CUAA VP of Events and party permit maestro Kelly Ochiuzzo Zack A’89.


Podcasts, short stories, and audio from The Cooper Union.


Fifth Wave Babes

Friends of the Library

Ask Julie Castelluzzo all about the Cooper Union Library and its new open membership program!

Gallery 523

Mission Possible

He's Peter Buckley, humanities faculty and official historian of Cooper Union, and he's on a mission...committee to help articulate what this institution is actually about. Help him out!


Michael Capone

Origami Club

Queer and Allies

Asante Mills

Reflections II

This run of Reflections publications will chronologically collate primary documents from across the community, putting the 2015-16 academic year in context. A PDF will be made available online.

Saturday Program


Toby Cumberbatch presents “Self-Assembled Lighting Systems for the Middle of Nowhere”

Secretary Desk

Alex Tomlinson and Kelsey Mitchell

Slauson Malone

Steel Bridge

Student Affairs and Res Life

Chris Chamberlin and David Robbins.

The Pioneer

Yearbook Reading Area

Peruse yearbooks old and new, brought to you by Carol Salomon of the Cooper Union Archives.

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