The Street Fair 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Enjoy a day of art, music, activities, workshops, and food trucks.
Location: Astor Place, between Broadway and Lafayette

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Jello ChallengeThe Associates
Art ShowcaseRodi Gallery
NY Knicks Groove TruckWorks In Progress
Community TableDaddy Long Legs Blues Band

Plus Food and Beverages

NY Dosas CartWater on the Go

And Inventor's Row

Cooper Lumen, WiFiNY, and Two Bridges

Jello Challenge Jello Challenge
Take the First Ever Peter Cooper Jello Challenge!

Join the Cooper Union Alumni Association in celebrating the inventor of Gelatin, Peter Cooper!

Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

    1 Visual appeal, creativity, originality
    2 Sculptural ingenuity, size, detailing
    3 Structural integrity
    4 Use of mold

Individuals or teams may compete. All types of gelatin or gelatin alternatives are accepted. Entries do not have to be edible but must include gelatin or gelatin alternatives. There will be no refrigeration on site, so please plan accordingly.

To Enter: Email with your name and contact info.

For the Official Rules, click here.

Art Showcase Art Showcase
To celebrate the legacy of Peter Cooper, we are having a public street gallery Art Showcase. Bring your canvases, your sculptures, your grandma's couch. Sit, eat, paint, and enjoy the day!

To Sign Up: Email to join in, ask questions, or offer comments. If you have a fun art-related activity, performance piece, or any other great idea you'd like to try out, please let us know!

New York Knicks Groove Truck New York Knicks Groove Truck KNICKS GROOVE TRUCK
The New York Knicks Groove Truck has been invited to hold court at the Peter Cooper Block Party. The Groove Truck brings fun for basketball fans of all ages!

Be on the lookout for skill competitions, free throw and 3-point shooting contests! The Groove Truck is sure to bring excitement and show Knicks support for Founder’s Day 2014!

The Associates The Associates of Cooper Union
One of the goals of the Associates is to preserve and protect Cooper Union's history. We as a community are the keepers of our collective memory. We will be presenting the Cooper Union History Project, and record mini-interviews (similar to Story Corps) from participants about their memories of Cooper Union.


Rodi Gallery Rodi Gallery
Rodi Gallery is a mobile art space located in the back of a 19 foot step van truck. Founded in 2013 as a multigenerational project by artists, Elise Graham and Aaron Graham (Cooper Union School of Art '14) Rodi aims to bring art to new audiences. The gallery makes stops throughout NYC and the Hudson Valley.


Works in Progress Works in Progress
Works in Progress NYC is a full service silk screening and graphic design company as well as a not for profit organization working with high school students on internships providing job readiness and real world of work experience. We will be silk-screening t-shirts onsite so come by to grab one before they're gone! You can also Bring Your Own Shirt and we will screen it for you with our gorgeous Founder's Day Logo!


Community Table Community Table
The Community Table is a 36 ft long communal picnic table. Sit down and enjoy a meal together with alumni, friends, and neighbors. Art supplies provided by Blick Art Materials so you can leave your impression on the giant tablecloth canvas.

Daddy Long Legs Blues Band
Daddy Long Legs

NY Dosas NY Dosas NY Dosas Truck
At the edge of Washington Square Park, an assortment of NYU students, South Asian expats, and downtown hipsters crowd around Thiru Kumar’s food cart waiting for their daily dosa, the vegetarian crêpe from South India. The grinning, thickly mustached Kumar works his small grill like a hyperactive D.J., pouring batter, spreading on curried potatoes, and sprinkling a crunchy dice of carrots and peppers (the Pondicherry masala dosa). When the batter is cooked through, Kumar folds it with an artist’s flair, effortlessly lifting the ethereally thin lentil-and-rice-flour wrapper from the grill, then chops it into sections and serves it with a gingery coconut chutney and a small tub of spicy lentil soup. The result: A delicious, ultrahealthy meal-on-the-street that’s well worth the wait. - Review by NY Mag

Water on the Go Water on the Go
New York City is fortunate to be able to enjoy some of the best drinking water in the nation. Stop by one of our portable water fountains this summer to fill up a water bottle, take a sip, or keep your four-legged friend hydrated. We’ve set up locations in all five boroughs. Just look for the bright blue tent! -

Socialite SociaLite
SociaLite is a light source for the extreme poor in remote rural communities. Supplied as a kit, the system combines imported parts with locally discarded materials to provide a solar-driven lighting service designed for on-site assembly, installation, operation, maintenance and repair.

Socialite RAMESSES
RAMESSES (The Reuse of Available Material, Energy, Structures and Supplies for Emergency Shelter) is a refugee habitat better suited to the culture and climate of sub-Saharan Africa than existing solutions. Based on designs for the Somalian aqal and related domiciles, our shelter comprises a geodesic dome constructed from bamboo and sisal, covered with a woven abaca cloth, and a retractable nylon umbrella deployed as a waterproof skin during the rainy season.

Download more information: RAMESSES.pdf

Unitensil Unitensil Unitensil Unitensil
Theo Stewart-Stand A’99 is a product developer holding multiple patents on flat folding products. He has started a new company called FoldItFlat. The company develops products that fold flat, while having a smaller environmental footprint.

FolditFlat is concerned about the reuse and compostability of products. Children are taught early on about how disposable everything is in their environment. At Theo's children's public school, hundreds of plastic sporks alone are discarded on a daily basis. He was energized to create a fun reusable utensil that had all 3 profiles in one. So the idea for Unitensil was born. Easily used by kids and adults, Unitensils are light-weight, food safe, dishwasher safe and ergonomic.

Theo strives to carry his own utensils and napkins as much as possible. Unitensils make it easier. Metal cutlery can be awkward in a pocket or a backpack. Carrying several plastic utensils is not as efficient. There is one utensil on the market that has all 3 profiles, however it does not fold flat to fit into a tight fitting lunch or bento box-type container. The Unitensil lays flat inside them easily. They can also be flexed around a rounded wall container. Therefore they are very efficient. We're excited to roll out our first product under the FoldItFlat name.

Unitensil, Buy One, Use Often!

Learnosaurus Learnosaurus
Sean Cusack BSE'98 is currently developing a learning platform for classrooms and children ages K-5 that will allow teachers and parents to convert homework into games and assign play instead. Check out the "play" demo on the website and drop by to sign in for updates as the project enters the crowdfunding stage over the next few months. Tabletop games and puzzles, a playable computer demo, stickers, and puppets will all be found at the Learnosaurus table!

Website link:

Art Showcase Cooper Lumen
As printed in The Villager Paul Garrin (A'82) of WiFi-NY, along with the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council as non-profit fiscal sponsor (, ran a successful Indie GoGo campaign to raise $10k for materials costs so that Cooper Union students of all three schools can collaborate on designing and building a standalone wifi / charging station / emergency lighting hub prototype for potential use around the Lower East Side. The project is part of Toby Cumberbatch's Sustainable Design course this spring semester. "It presents a lot of stimulating challenges," Prof. Cumberbatch is quoted as saying. "But the big thing is that this involves real people and a real need on the Lower East Side, and it'll push students to provide a great benefit to the neighborhood."